All-New Renault KOLEOS

Our SUV combines muscular style with the elegant refinement of a large saloon.

Renault koleosFeatures
All-New KOLEOS is an invitation to well-being. With its spacious cabin, a range of storage and heated seats for all.

Renault KADJAR
The engines powering the All-New Renault KOLEOS are advanced, reliable and low on consumption, with a combined fuel consumption of up to 57.6 (MPG)†

front end
Striking front end

Renault KOLEOS - "C" shape front LED lighting signature
"C" shape front LED lighting signature

Renault KOLEOS - 19 inch alloy wheel rim
19 inch alloy wheel rims

KOLEOS features

Choose well-being

Space for everything

Easily accessible thanks to its wide door opening, New Renault KOLEOS' spacious cabin beckons you into a world of well-being. Enjoy its heated, ventilated front seats and its genuine living space. Thanks to its multiple storage areas and sliding armrest, everyone has a place to store their belongings.
interior koleos

ALL MODE 4x4-i transmission

Get off the beaten track with New Renault KOLEOS! With its ALL MODE 4x4-i technology, swap between 2WD mode, Auto mode and Lock mode. The ideal balance of torque between the front and rear wheels for perfect grip in all circumstances.

One touch easy folding rear seats

With this equipment, the New Renault KOLEOS boot offers several configurations. The seats fold down and the flat floor adapts to your needs with just one simple gesture.

Stay connected

koleosDriver assistance technologies

All-New Renault KOLEOS reinvents everything for you, right down to your style of driving. Intuitively integrated, the driving assistance technologies make driving easier for you. Keep your distance, adapt your lighting, emergency braking, even parking has never been easier.

technologiesR-LINK 2: the touch screen tablet that controls everything

Use one simple interface to control all of the functionalities of the All-New Renault KOLEOS. With its large vertical 8,7 inch (22 cm) screen, the R-LINK 2 connected touch screen tablet allows you to control the vehicle functions, multimedia, navigation, telephony and driving assistance systems.

Drive in total confidence

Renault KOLEOS - Easy Park Assist DiagramHands free parking

The parking assistance system measures the parking space with its sensors (whether parallel, perpendicular or angled) and defines the parking trajectory. The it takes over the wheel and steers itself while the driver controls the speed and braking. It can also help to exit parallel parking spots.

Renault KOLEOS - Active emergency braking systemActive Emergency Braking†

If you have to brake in an emergency, this system complements the ABS and ESC to reduce stopping distances and collision risks. If a vehicle suddenly stops in front of you, a forward collision warning light and tone alerts you. Simultaneously, the vehicle is actively preparing for emergency braking by bringing the brake pads and discs closer together for maximum braking power in the minimum response time. If you don’t react and step on the brakes, the car will activate braking for you.

Renault KOLEOS - Hill-start assistHill start assist

Never worry about moving away on a steep hill again. We have equipped All-New Renault KOLEOS with a technology that can calculate the incline of the road and apply the brakes to allow you the time to move away with peace of mind.

Renault KOLEOS - blind spot warningBlind spot warning†

The All-New Renault Koleos detects vehicles entering your blind spot. An indicator light located on each wing mirror will warn you of any potential hazards.

Renault KOLEOS - EURONCAP 5 stars in EURONCAP tests

New Renault KOLEOS received 5 stars in EURONCAP** tests, the best possible score. Our engineers have fitted the best security equipment available: airbags, highly-developed driving aid and assistance systems, bumpers and bonnet adapted to mitigate pedestrian collisions... Drive with greater peace of mind!

All-New Renault KOLEOS 360° View