Renault Megane

The Renault Megane remains a hit family car for very good reasons.

Engines, Performance and Comfort

The suspension on all versions of the Megane are fantastic. The driving position is exceptionally good, with plenty of adjustment available for the seat, the steering wheel and the pedals, and delivers a very smooth ride, soaking up even the most extreme bumps and dips effortlessly.

No matter what spec level you chose, the cabin quality is very comfortable and spacious even in the lower range models. Renault's reputation for quality is, deservedly, growing year on year. Air conditioning is standard issue for all models. Leg and head room is plentiful.

Practicality and fuel economy

With a boot size of 372 litres which perfect for family days out, passengers are as comfortable as the driver even with extra luggage.

The 128 bhp diesel delivers an average 55mpg and the equivalent petrol a 42mpg. If emissions and fuel economy are a priority in your search for a new car, the diesel wins as the road tax is lower than the petrol.

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Renault Megane 360° View

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