Business Overview

At Renault, we want to make your purchase and ownership experience as easy as possible with products and services which have been designed for you and your vehicle.

Contract Hire Explained

Affordable, convenient and flexible, Renault Contract Hire makes your life easier by giving you the use of a brand new vehicle without the associated risks of buying the vehicle with your own funds, freeing up valuable cash and aiding cash flow. Also, perhaps more importantly, you avoid any of the unpredictable costs of ownership - such as depreciation and even maintenance, should you opt for a fully maintained package.

Renault Personal Contract Hire

Renault Personal Contract Hire offers similar benefits, but is tailored towards the needs of smaller businesses or individuals who receive a cash allowance or contribution towards their company car. Payments are fixed, which helps you with your budgeting and the monthly rental is often cheaper than you would find with a personal loan. Then, when the contract comes to an end, you simply hand back the keys and walk away with no further worries about re-sale or residual value.