Renault Motability

Prices valid from the 1 September to 31 December 2019.

Renault CLIO

ClioPlaydCi 90£0Total Allowance
ClioPlaydCi 90 Auto EDC£245Total Allowance
ClioIconicTCe 90£0Total Allowance
ClioIconicdCi 90£0Total Allowance
ClioIconicdCi 90 Auto EDC£0Total Allowance
ClioGT LineTCe 90£0Total Allowance
ClioGT LinedCi 90£0Total Allowance
ClioGT LinedCi 90 Auto EDC£195Total Allowance
All-New ClioPlaySCe 75£0£56.00
All-New ClioPlayTCe 100£0£57.50
All-New ClioPlayTCe 100 EDC£0£61.20
All-New ClioPlaydCi 85£0Total Allowance
All-New ClioIconicSCe 75£0£61.20
All-New ClioIconicTCe 100£0£61.20
All-New ClioIconicTCe 100 EDC£0£61.20
All-New ClioIconicdCi 85£0Total Allowance
All-New ClioRS LineTCe 100£0Total Allowance
All-New ClioRS LineTCe 100 EDC£145Total Allowance
All-New ClioRS LineTCe 130 EDC£295Total Allowance
All-New ClioRS LinedCi 85£95Total Allowance

Renault CAPTUR

PlayTCe 90£0£56.25
IconicTCe 90£0£60.20
Iconic TCe 130£95Total Allowance
IconicTCe 150 Auto EDC£0Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 90£0Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 130£145Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 150 Auto EDC£245Total Allowance

Renault KADJAR

KADJARPlayTCe 140£0Total Allowance
KADJARPlayTCe 140 Auto EDC£395Total Allowance
KADJARPlayBlue dCi 115 £0Total Allowance
KADJARPlayBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£495Total Allowance
KADJAR Iconic TCe 140£0Total Allowance
KADJARIconicTCe 140 Auto EDC£595Total Allowance
IconicTCe 160£0Total Allowance
IconicBlue dCi 115£295Total Allowance
KADJARIconicBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£695Total Allowance
S-EditionTCe 140£295Total Allowance
KADJARS-EditionTCe 140 Auto EDC£795Total Allowance
S-EditionTCe 160£295Total Allowance
S-EditionBlue dCi 115
£495Total Allowance
KADJARS-EditionBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£895Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 140£495Total Allowance
KADJARGT LineTCe 140 Auto EDC£995Total Allowance
GT LineTCe 160£495Total Allowance
GT LineBlue dCi 115£695Total Allowance
KADJARGT LineBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1, 095Total Allowance
KADJARGT LineBlue dCi 150£1, 395Total Allowance
KADJARGT LineBlue dCi 150 4x4£1, 695Total Allowance

Renault KOLEOS

Iconic 4x2Blue dCi 150 X-Tronic£1,495Total Allowance
Iconic 4x4Blue dCi 190 X-Tronic£1,995Total Allowance
GT Line 4x2Blue dCi 150 X-Tronic
£1,745Total Allowance
GT Line 4x4Blue dCi 190 X-Tronic
£2,245Total Allowance

Renault Grand SCENIC

PlayTCe 140£595Total Allowance
PlayTCe 140 Auto EDC£1,295Total Allowance 
IconicTCe 140£795Total Allowance
IconicTCe 140 Auto EDC£1,495Total Allowance
SignatureTCe 140£995Total Allowance
SignatureTCe 140 Auto EDC£1,695Total Allowance

Renault MEGANE

Mégane  HatchPlayTCe 140£0£61.20
Mégane HatchPlayTCe 140 Auto EDC£495Total Allowance
Mégane HatchPlayBlue dCi 115£395Total Allowance
Mégane HatchPlayBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,395Total Allowance
Mégane HatchIconicTCe 140£0Total Allowance
Mégane HatchIconicTCe 140 Auto EDC£795Total Allowance
Mégane HatchIconicBlue dCi 115£745Total Allowance
Mégane HatchIconicBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,645Total Allowance
Mégane HatchGT LineTCe 140£145Total Allowance
Mégane HatchGT LineTCe 140 Auto EDC£995Total Allowance
Mégane HatchGT LineBlue dCi 115£1,045Total Allowance
Mégane Hatch GT LineBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,845Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerPlayTCe 140£95Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerPlayTCe 140 Auto EDC£595Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerPlayBlue dCi 115£495Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerPlayBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,495Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerIconicTCe 140£95Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerIconicTCe 140 Auto EDC£895Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerIconicBlue dCi 115£845Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerIconicBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,745Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerGT LineTCe 140£245Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerGT LineTCe 140 Auto EDC£1,095Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerGT LineBlue dCi 115£1,145Total Allowance
Mégane Sport TourerGT LineBlue dCi 115 Auto EDC£1,945Total Allowance

Renault TRAFIC Passenger

SL28 BusinessdCi 120£2,295Total Allowance
SL28 BusinessdCi 145£2,495Total Allowance
SL28 BusinessdCi 145 Auto EDC£2,995Total Allowance
LL30 BusinessdCi 120£2,495Total Allowance
LL30 BusinessdCi 145£2,795Total Allowance
LL30 BusinessdCi 145 Auto EDC£3,295Total Allowance
SL28 SportdCi 120£2,895Total Allowance
SL28 SportdCi 170 Auto EDC£3,395Total Allowance
LL30 SportdCi 120£2,795Total Allowance
LL30 SportdCi 145£3,395Total Allowance
LL30 SportdCi 170 Auto EDC£3,695Total Allowance
SL28 SpaceClassdCi 145£3,895Total Allowance
SL28 SpaceClassdCi 170 Auto EDC£4,395Total Allowance
LL28 SpaceClassdCi 145£4,095Total Allowance
LL28 SpaceClassdCi 170 Auto EDC£4,595Total Allowance

Renault ZOE

i Dynamique NavR110 Z.E.40£2,499Total Allowance
i S Edition NavR110 Z.E.40£2,999Total Allowance

* These cars are available at a fixed weekly amount for the whole of your lease agreement. The remainder of your allowance, including any annual increases, will be paid directly to you by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Veterans UK depending on which allowance you receive. It's the most affordable way to access a car on the Motability scheme.

Advance Payment (AP) offers are valid for Motability applications between 01 October 2019 to 31 December 2019, registered by 31 March 2020 and are correct at the time of publication. Motability customers agree to pay all or part of the Motability Allowance (DLA or WPMS) depending on their choice of vehicle, for the duration of their contract hire or hire purchase agreement.